Imagine Medical Device is actively working to promote safe delivery of high concentration insulin through the development of a syringe specifically designed for high concentration insulin.

Currently people with diabetes face challenges when required to use large doses of insulin several times per day.

They can face painful doses of large amounts of the insulin with each injection.

Sometimes, when using concentrated insulin, they are required to calculate the right dose and draw it up into a syringe that is extremely small and does not even show the same scale required to dose the insulin correctly. This is especially difficult when faced with common side effects of advanced diabetes – loss of sight and loss of dexterity.

Standard insulin syringes measure in units of insulin for a normal concentration. But when you use concentrated insulin, you are getting five times more insulin in the same volume. In the illustration above, you see the same plunger pulled back to 10 units of insulin, but in reality if that were concentrated insulin it would be 50 units! Discrepancies this large can cause significant harm to people with diabetes. Additionally, this syringe is very narrow, difficult to read since the numbers and lines are on different sides of the barrel, and hard to use for almost anyone let alone someone who may not have much sensation left in their fingertips.

Syringe Measurments.jpg

This new syringe design is wider, easier to read, and the markings are now correct for the concentrated insulin that is drawn up inside. Now, when the plunger is pulled back to 50 units, you can be assured that there are exactly 50 unites of insulin in that syringe. No more guesswork, no more converting doses. This is a much safer solution.